Potholders by Ruby


Crafting handmade potholders to raise money for childhood OCD awareness because OCD is not about being clean and organized.

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Ruby Niosi

I sell potholders to raise awareness for childhood OCD because I want to help my brother Dexter and others who struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder. All the money I raise is donated to the International OCD Foundation.

Since I started in October of 2019, I’ve raised almost $7,000. Thank you all who have donated or purchased potholders. You all are so kind for supporting me!!!




Products and Donations

Ruby's Choice

$7.00 each + shipping

Let Ruby pick the potholder for you! It will be a surprise, but knowing you’re helping a great cause will make it that much sweeter.

Matching Pair/Complementing Pair

$14.00 each set + shipping

Ruby will happily make a pair just for you!

Donation for Materials

From $5.00 you pick the amount!

You can help Ruby keep up with demand by making a donation for materials and expenses. You’ll get a hand-written thank you card with a note from Ruby and what it means to her!

Donation to International OCD Foundation

From $5.00 you pick the amount!

If you don’t need any potholders but want to help Ruby with her cause, you can donate here and we will add it to our donation to the International OCD Foundation.

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