By Dexter N.

Maggie’s Friend Otis is a book that can help kids. Maybe they will relate and it will help them explain it to their parents and show what is happening so they don’t feel alone or feel like they are alone in the world with fighting OCD.

First off, I can relate to this book with the feeling of uncertainty and feeling like you have to do something or something bad will happen but you don’t know what or when. Like when Maggie can’t say “I love you” three times…when I did that I would be panicking for the rest of the day. I would think, “Is mom hurt? Sad? In trouble?” I would have no way of knowing whether if I hurt her feelings.

Yes feelings was a big part of OCD, the last thing you would want to do is hurt someone’s feelings. It feels like the end of the world and you can’t concentrate or move on. You dwell on it and apologize like 500 times and still feel bad.


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